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  • The women of the historic Ninth Street Show had a will of iron and an intense need for their talent to be expressed and stories told.
Mary Gabriel’s wonderful book, “Ninth Street Women,” provides a multifaceted account of the five odds-defying female artists who travelled from Ninth Street to the Museum of Modern Art and beyond. Gabriel warns at the start that her seven-hundred-page text lacks “traditional biographical detail”; instead, it is a widely roving group portrait, evoking an entire era and aspiring to explain it. She dwells on broad social and political events, which she believes were not merely a context for the artists’ work but the raison d’être.
A beautiful book to learn more about Grace Hartigan, Helen Frankenthaler, Joan Mitchell, Elaine de Kooning (who was married to Willem), and Krasner—the oldest of them but the last to bloom, coming into her own only after Pollock’s death, in 1956.
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  • In 1798 Simeon DeWitt, a surveyor-general of New York State, arrived in this beautiful area, and soon acquired more than 2,000 acres of land at the southern end of Caygua Lake. At that time, the land that now makes up Ithaca was part of the town of Ulysses. In 1804, DeWitt named the new town Ithaca, after the island home of Ulysses, a popular figure from Greek mythology. In 1817, Tompkins County was formed with Ithaca as its heart. Truly enjoyed a winter storm in gorgeous Ithaca, New York.
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  • Welcoming December! Today is World Aids Day. Thousands of community health workers and members of the HIV and key population networks – many of whom are living with HIV or affected by the epidemic – contributed to its success. Thank you for your dedication and commitment! 
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  • Mary Oliver’s work rewards close, repeated readings, on a cold day or after a long walk. I keep returning to her poem Breakage.

It’s like a schoolhouse of little words,
thousands of words.
First you figure out what each one means by itself,
the jingle, the periwinkle, the scallop
full of moonlight.
Then you begin, slowly, to read the whole story.  #story #storyteller #storytelling #words #maryoliverpoetry #maryoliver #maryoliverpoem #sharing
  • ...I also have an extended family. The people who stayed. The people who became more than friends; the people who open the door when I knock. That's what it all boils down to. The people who have to open the door, not because they always want to but because they do. Diane Keaton #HappyThanksgiving #Thankful #Grateful #Joy
  • Nearly fifty years ago, when Al Pacino was at the start of his career, Marlon Brando gave him two pieces of advice: don’t go to court and don’t move to Los Angeles.
Every now and then a piece of writing appears in a magazine that is so compelling, so readable and so out there that you steal the old magazine from the hotel room and keep it in your bags for weeks.
John Lahr’s “Caught in the Act” in an old The New Yorker magazine is one of this piece of work. Loved it.  Pacino is a fascinating individual. He has given complex shape to some of his era’s most memorable creations and characters. Hope you read it! #alpacino #story #storytelling #storyteller #character #actor
  • When do you feel the most powerful and confident?
“It’s hard to say that I ever feel powerful or confident. Those two words are not really in my  vocabulary. I enjoy being engaged by imagery. That’s important for me. I have all these three-ring binders, in categories, full of images that I’ve cut out of magazines. I’m thinking about doing another book where I combine everything that I’m interested in. I really live in imagery and books.” Diane Keaton 2019 @diane_keaton  #story #storytelling #imagery #design #inspiration
  • “Books are as close as you can get to magic!” Our favourite interior designer, Diane Keaton. #design #inspiration #designer #decor #home #house @diane_keaton