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“She who learns, teaches.”

– says a very wise Ethiopian proverb.

In a world that too easily settles for less, we believe in, and fight for goodness and greatness. The Wild Rabbit House’s intent to create and share a visual story that inspires other to celebrate their distinct heritage. At the same time, bring together objects we love and honour the artisans!

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  • Lee Krasner: Living Colour proves Krasner was a fully formed artist long before meeting Pollock in 1941. Pollock’s help surely gave her some visibility, but her talent was evident from a young age and stood on its own. Sadly, critics were never completely convinced of her talent, seen in their tepid response to her works and exhibitions.
In 1959, Lee Krasner was in crisis. She was still mourning her husband—who’d died in a car crash three years earlier with his mistress in a car accident. An exhibition of her work planned by the critic Clement Greenberg had been canceled when Greenberg decided he didn’t appreciate her newer paintings. Plagued by insomnia, Krasner began painting at night in her husband’s old studio, and since she disliked working with color under artificial light, she used only shades of umber and white. The paintings Krasner made during this period, described by her friend Richard Howard as her “Night Journeys,” are extraordinary. The confinement of her color palette is coupled with a wild range of motion and space, in works that erupt with feeling. Krasner’s grief, her rage, her power, are all contained within the canvases, layered in jagged streaks of dark brown and daubs of white. Her state of mind is locked in paint, but seeps outward. Wild for her work! #art #artist #paint #painter #painting #journey #sharing
  • I am fascinated by the story of two artists – not young, but not quite middle-aged, either from upstate New York. Newlyweds with no money. It would be a while before they could own their small farmhouse. This house would become for them a bit of heaven – in the beginning, at least. Together, they cooked and gardened. Together, they travelled to the beach on their bicycles (they did not own a car). Above all, they worked: he in their barn, she in an upstairs bedroom. Life was, for them both, mostly about painting. Their allegiance to it was fierce: as intense as their loyalty to each other, from which it could never fully be separated. One of these artists, Jackson Pollock, would one day become very famous – the hard-living central figure of American abstract expressionism, known the world over for his drip paintings, made by allowing the paint to drop from his brush or a can on to a canvas laid on the floor – and, thanks to this, the house is now a US historic landmark But it’s not Pollock I’m interested in. I’m looking for traces of his extraordinary and prodigiously talented wife, Lee Krasner. Her story is a great story of tenacity. Krasner was 75 before she finally got anything approaching her due. « She painted in the modern idiom when Jackson was still in the regional style… »
You should get to know her work. #art #artist #paint #painter #painting #leekrasner #pollock
  • We miss Jenna. Anyone who has entered a J.Crew store recently can attest that the only discernible feeling the brand has evoked in recent months is pure ennui. The clothes, style and imagery that Jenna inspired, is drained of spirit. Looking forward to her next project. #style #spirit #inspired #inspiration #jennalyons
  • To free us from the expectations of others, to give us back to ourselves - there lies the great, singular power of self-respect.
Joan Didion #author #joandidion #respect
  • « It is the old people who are the bones of the entire healing and spiritual structures everywhere on the face of the earth. Look to your people, your life. Look to the real that you yourself live. The kind of tales found there can never come from books. I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories from your life—your life—not someone else’s life.. » Clarissa Pinkola Estes #story #storyteller #storytelling #yourlife #sharing #journey
  • Sons and Daughters of Wind... With this evocative title the photographer Mario Gerth introduces the journey he took across Africa's remotest regions. Through a collection of intimate portraits and vivid photographs of the last nomads of the continent, Mario tells a story of beauty, legacy and naturalness in order to make us realize of some values that are still latent in the heart of Africa and disappeared in our uniformed society. His tribute to Africa’s people is the best way he has found to thank a land where natural dignity and elegance is etched on the faces of the natives. From the children to the old men, all of them hide the secret of a truly real life, which comes from the god-like harmony in the sweeping valleys of sand dunes and the existence on the edge of the world. Nomads of Africa still live our past, a selfsufficient past, elemental and satisfying life, where the essential acts so much. « The horizon is their home. They are the children of the sun. And they are the sons and daughters of the wind. » @mario_gerth_photography ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Fascinated by his portraits! #story #storyteller #storytelling #heritage #tradition #legacy #beauty #photography
  • Raven’s Grace Creations @ravens_grace_creations creates one-of-a-kind pieces especially for us – the Wild Rabbit House Collection.  We are so grateful! We especially love this necklace with incredible white batik bones! #design #designer #jewelrydesigner #jewelrydesign #jewelry#treasures #oneofakind #statementpiece #statementnecklace
  • Be wild that is out to clear the river | #clarissapinkolaestes #wildwomen #thewildrabbithouse #bewild