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“She who learns, teaches.”

– says a very wise Ethiopian proverb.

In a world that too easily settles for less, we believe in, and fight for goodness and greatness. The Wild Rabbit House’s intent to create and share a visual story that inspires other to celebrate their distinct heritage. At the same time, bring together objects we love and honour the artisans!

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  • Happy Easter!
  • "I'm always taken by how deeply women like to dig in the earth. They plant bulbs for the spring. They poke blackened fingers into mucky soil, transplanting sharp-smelling tomato plants. I think they are digging down to the two-million-year-old woman. They are looking for her toes and her paws. They want her for a present to themselves, for with her they feel of a piece and at peace." Clarissa Pinkola Estes #flower #blossom #garden #gardening #nurturing #motherearth #spring #easter #happyeaster🐰
  • "Because women have a soul-need to express themselves in their own soulful ways, they must develop and blossom in ways that are sensible to them. » Clarissa Pinkola Estés @giovannaphotography #soul #blossom #nurture #grow #share #spring
  • « I created a life for myself with kind people and community service and animals, and it’s been wonderful. » Ali McGraw #goodlife #lifeofservice #community #rolemodel #alimcgraw
  • I am too intelligent, too demanding, and too resourceful for anyone to be able to take charge of me entirely. No one knows me or loves me completely. I have only myself.
Simone de Beauvoir #women #resourceful #takingcharge #inspiration #simonedebeauvoir #story #storyteller #storytelling #sharing
  • Happy Birthday Emma Watson! 
In 2016, Emma Watson spoke about her hopes for women taking up more political leadership roles in the years ahead. Her message was powerful.
"While women still only make up such a small percentage of political leadership, to quote the awesome Michelle Obama, because of these women, girls and boys all over the world will have real-life examples that women are leaders,'" Watson said. "In the last two years if I have learned anything, if they have shown me anything, it is that nothing—nothing—is impossible. And that's why tonight, as well as saying thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done, I ask you to recommit yourselves to be a part of gender equality. I genuinely feel that we are closer to a gender equal world, certainly closer than we were two years ago, and I know that each and every HeForShe has played such a huge part in that. I am proud to have been part of lots of amazing things in my life, but there is nothing that I am prouder of than being part of this. » #leadership #leader #genderequality #womenempowerment #women @emmawatson #nextgeneration
  • Those who tell the stories rule the world. #verydeep #verytrue #story #storytelling #storyteller #tradition
  • Dreaming. Wild about Meg Ryan - When Harry Met Sally - dining room! She has "great instincts" as a decorator!