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  • The willingness to accept responsibility for one own’s life is the source from self-respect which springs. #joandidion #storyteller #storytelling #selfrespect #planyourlife #inthedriverseat
  • Oral tradition says The Rain Queen’s mother taught her the art of rain-making and gave her rain charms and sacred beads. In the same tradition, we love to collect gorgeous African beads and silver pendants. Peaceful calming force radiates from these pieces, giving us a chance to share this quiet spirit! @TheWildRabbitHouse
#tradition #heritage #ritual #storytelling #sharing #energyhealing
  • Inspiration 2020. Iman is definitely an inspiration. Her focus is absolute. It is not an accident that she was the world's first black supermodel. The first black model to make serious cash. The first to become the face of global cosmetics brand Revlon. That she seamlessly segued from model to businesswoman when she set up her own highly successful cosmetics brand. Or even, possibly, that she married an international music legend, David Bowie, and became one half of a global super-couple. Iman, you get the feeling, does it Iman's way. #trailblazer #leader #leadership #inspiration #fashion #iman @the_real_iman
  • With our Wild Woman as ally, as leader, model, teacher, we see, not through two eyes, but through the eyes of intuition which is many-eyed. We gaze at the world through a thousand eyes. #wildwoman #wildwomen #intuition #teacher
  • Inspiration 2020 - As a model, activist, agent, and unofficial historian, Bethann Hardison’s take on 50-plus years in fashion is layered to say the least. A fascinating take on fashion and women in fashion. Today at 92 years old, she is still at work on a documentary and a book, and focused on helping established young designers develop their businesses. Definitely a great source of inspiration for us! #inspiration #fashion #fashiondesigner #bethannhardison #pioneerwoman #leadership
  • Inspiration 2020 - “In Africa, countless generations have developed this extraordinary diversity and bizarre beauty. I am very grateful to have grown through these trips witness and share my vision with you. The nomads and semi-nomads of Africa still live our past, a selfsufficient past, elemental and satisfying life, where the essential acts so much. The horizon is their home. They are the children of the sun. And they are the sons and daughters of the wind.” Beautiful words and imagery from Mario Gerth, a very gifted storyteller. #story #storyteller #storytelling #africa #tradition #nomad @mario_gerth_photography
  • When I was born the word for what I was did not exist. #MadelineMiller #Circe #author #story #storyteller #storytelling #identity #yourown #yourowncategory
  • Inspiration 2020 - Our number One style icon is officially on Instagram!
For more than a decade, she was the most influential force in fashion — “the woman who dressed America,” said the New York Times.  Her departure from J.Crew, marked a much larger, sadder trend - culturally and commercially, “fashion may be losing relevance in North America. “ We need Jenna back! Her world, her idea of fashion and beauty, is inclusive. There is no barriers to entry. All are welcome, because she knows what it was like to feel excluded. In 2020, we need her type of leadership! Her work ethic, which is legendary - is a big inspiration for us! | @jennalyonsnyc #jennalyons #fashion #fashiondesigner #perseverance #hardwork #unique #gamechanger #inclusive #inspiration #wildwomen #wildwoman #wildwomanproject